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Loggers attack rangers in Kon Ka Kinh
20 December 2011, 02:32 | Dagmar

Kon Ka Kinh National Park in Vietnam has recently experienced a recurrence in illegal logging of timber, because the demand for this valuable wood is on the rise. What is quite worrying is, that illegal loggers aggressively fight against the authorities once they've been discovered.

On the 2th of November, the park rangers came across a group of logger while on patrol in the forest area 106. One logger was caught. He came from the Quang Binh Province. The rangers confiscated the logged hardwood Dalbergia cochinchinensis from the loggers.

Two day later, on 4th of November, about 20 loggers and local people attacked the rangers at station number 4 and stole 100 kg of the hardwood. The police and FPD Gia Lai are investigating the case.

The fact that the hardwood Dalbergia cochinchinensis became so valuable on the market (up to 500.000VND/kg) leads to the illegal loggers becoming more and more aggressive. The park rangers try to do their best. More patrols are carried out with the support from our project. But, it is difficult to stop the illegal logging for this hardwood completely.

Our project is planning to involve the environmental police of Gia Lai into the training course next year so that they can support the park better in terms of law enforcement in the park.

Ha Thang Long, PhD
Conservation Project for Grey-shanked douc monkeys
Kon Ka Kinh National Park

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